The Brain Sensing Headband ‘Muse S’ is the Next Step in Technology World

A pattern of good sleep and mediation are two important things you must follow to increase your productivity. It is a proven fact that sleeping less is directly proportional to a lack of ability to pay undivided attention to a task. Not only this, but it also affects your mood and health in general.

On the other hand, mediation helps you focus more, reduces stress and anxiety. Keeping that in mind, think about the benefits it has to provide you if you take proper sleep and meditate at least once a day.

Some people have a difficult time meditating and improving their sleep patterns. Therefore, here’s when technology can help you. The brain-sensing headband Muse S helps in tracking your sleep and provides meditation exercises that can help you shut your brain at night.

If you’re one of those struggling to balance your health conditions because of unstable sleeping and meditation practices, here’s what you need to know about Muse S. So, read along to learn more!

What is to Be Liked About Muse S?

The very first thing to be liked about Muse S is that it’s a brain-sensing headband for sleep and meditation. For instance, if you’re suffering from anxiety, sound sleep is a great way to cure the same. Notably, there are various kinds of mediations, and fortunately, Muse offers exercises of six kinds. It includes mind meditation, body meditation, heart meditation, guided meditation, breath meditation, and timed meditation.

Furthermore, it enables you to keep track of your meditation development. Once you end your session, you can access your post-session report which will view your response to the meditation. Additionally, your session is divided into three types by Muse: Muse Points, Recoveries, and Birds. As the name suggests, Muse Points are a reward for your relaxed and calm meditating sessions. Therefore, you get one point for each neutral second and three points for each calm second. The Recoveries section helps you focus more, and Birds are a reward for your calm conduct for a longer time.

If your big question is, how are you going to be guided to enter the meditation process? Don’t worry; the Muse app has got you covered! Right before your session, you’ll be instructed by the app regarding an exercise. Additionally, selecting a session time between 5 to 45 minutes is your choice. It is advised to always start from five and then gradually take a step ahead. Once you get a hold of some meditation exercises, it’ll help you relieve your stress.

The Muse S headband is exceptionally comfortable and soft. Not only this, but you can adjust the same as your head size. Your brain activity is constantly detected while wearing the same, and it then modifies the meditation and sleep exercise as chosen by you. As mentioned above, the Muse app is compatible with the headband, and you can connect to the same via a Bluetooth connection. It is essential to mention that the headband should be completely charged before beginning the sleep or meditation exercise.

You might think that wearing a headband to sleep is going to be an uncomfortable experience. However, it is actually not. Muse S is specially designed for sleep tracking; therefore, it is much more comfortable than you think. Moreover, the device uses EEG-powered tech, which notifies you about your sleeping position, heart rate while sleeping, and your stillness data. The information can be accessed using the Muse app, and getting a sleep score above 75 is considered peaceful.

Notably, the device offers a ten-hour battery life. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about running out of battery at midnight. All you need to take care of is that it should be charged and connected before using.

What is Not to Be Liked About Muse S?

The only drawback some might face is the price. However, your health is much more important than cribbing about the price tag. Undoubtedly, Muse S is an expensive device, but it is a higher-end technology that can help and improve your physical and mental health.

If you’re looking for something budget-friendly, URGOnight is an alternative you can look for. However, it only tracks your sleep and doesn’t have a meditation assistant. Also, URGOnight is not built to wear all night long. It is designed to wear only during the training sessions and comes with an EEG-powered trainer.

Muse S is a great investment if you’re interested in tracking your sleep and getting meditation training. It is an impressive piece of device, and its library offers tons of exercises from the experts. What else do you need if you’re actually rooting for your health to get better? So, wait no more and check for the best deals to get your hands on the new Muse S brain sensing headband.

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