How Signal Overtook Hike And WhatsApp In 2021

Hike is one of the commonly used cross-platform instant messaging apps in Asian countries. It was launched on 12 December 2012 under Hike Private Limited, and since then, it has been working as a freeware messaging application for various platforms.

Hike can work as an online and offline messaging app. Since WhatsApp’s new data sharing policy is forcing its users to share their data to Facebook, many individuals and communities are moving towards Hike and Signal. In comparison to Hike, Signal is a better performer in terms of privacy and features that can overwhelm anyone who wants to shift from their former messaging app.

Hike Vs. Signal, which one is better?

Netizens are shifting from WhatsApp to Signal because the messaging app uses end-to-end encryption, making your conversation more secure and private. Because of the end-to-end encryption, only the people involved in the conversation can see the message, and nobody else can see them- not even the company itself.

Signal has almost everything you need from DIY integrations, audio sharing, video sharing, file sharing, contacts sharing, GIFs, and even location sharing. Signal is a more popular and secure messaging app than the latter like Facebook Messenger, Hike, WhatsApp, Google Messages, and more. With so many features, security, and overall optimization, Signal is the best cross-platform instant messaging application for iOS, Android, and Windows in 2021.

How WhatsApp’s decision paid ways for Signal?

WhatsApp is a Facebook-owned application, and as a part of the social media giant subsidiary companies, WhatsApp is directly controlled by Facebook and maintained by the team of WhatsApp. For WhatsApp users, privacy was always a concern as the deal between Facebook and WhatsApp directly put users’ data into Facebook’s hands. The whole privacy thing became more apparent when WhatsApp notified its users to comply with the new user’s agreement that requires user data to be shared with Facebook and its affiliated companies.

Facebook’s reluctant user agreement made the user leave the platform to find an alternative to WhatsApp. Facebook has the most significant market share in the messaging and social media domain. As a response to the current privacy concerns, many messaging apps marketed their product to the general masses. Among the famous and relevant applications, Hike and Signal became the trend for many users. Signal provides a better environment for chatting among the two messaging applications as it has the best optimization and privacy settings that encrypt the incoming and outgoing messages with its non-federated cryptographic protocol technology.


WhatsApp’s decision to collect user data is creating a lot of problems on the internet. People are shifting to new and better messaging platforms, and Facebook’s policy to share important user data with its other brands is not convincing. As per Facebook, the user data will be used to streamline content for users, but in actuality, targeted ads and campaigns will be the real outcome of sharing your personal data with the 3rd party platforms.

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