The Best Delivery Apps for Groceries and Other Stuff

The Best Delivery Apps for Groceries and Other Stuff

Home delivery is very popular as it helps us save our time and we get all our stuff delivered at home very safely. There are plenty of home delivery apps available and they are not new, people have been using them for years. Many apps have great coordination with their employees and customers and they promise to deliver your stuff on time safely. In this article, we will introduce you to the best delivery apps for groceries and other stuff you can use in 2021. Let’s get started.

Amazon Shipping

Amazon is a big name when it comes to delivery. Amazon promises you to deliver all your stuff to your door. The best thing about Amazon is that it can even deliver your stuff on the same day (specific areas), it even allows you to return your stuff up to 15 days after delivery. You can buy a variety of things on Amazon, including food, gadgets, toilet paper, clothes, toys, electronics, and many more. is a huge delivery service that promises you to deliver a variety of stuff, including groceries, alcohol, office supplies, and more. It even allows you to schedule re-orders or pick orders yourself. It basically works like DoorDash, an American food delivery service. is mostly for restaurants. However, you can use it for many other purposes.


Dolly is a pretty amazing delivery service app that helps you transfer your stuff from one place to another. Most people use this service when they move to a new residence or want to remove garbage or any heavy material from their homes. The app works very nicely and you will get very satisfying service delivery. But the Dolly app is currently providing its services only in a few cities in the US. Please check whether it is available for your area or not.


Instacart is another great delivery app that mainly focuses on grocery delivery than restaurant meals. Well, you can even use this app to order flowers, diapers, and a few other stuff. The app has support from more than 150 stores, including grocery, food, and other stores. This means you can order anything you want from these stores. Additionally, it features a chat function, exclusive coupons, group shopping, and many more things. The app is very stable and works flawlessly. We would strongly recommend you try this app at least once.

Local Grocery Store Apps

Well, you can find plenty of grocery stores in your locality that gives you home delivery options. However, we would recommend you go for Kroger and Publix; these apps work very nicely, and promise you to deliver your stuff safely on time. You can use other services if you find a shop in your area that has a delivery feature.


Postmates is an outstanding delivery app that promises you to deliver almost everything you want besides some controlled substances, such as gift cards, animals, etc. The app allows you to order virtually anything you want and it will send someone to deliver your stuff. It works nicely and most of the time you will get your stuff delivered in time.

Uber Eats

Uber Eats is basically a pretty amazing food delivery app that you can use to order delicious food. However, the company recently bought Drizly, an alcohol delivery app. So most probably the app may allow you to order alcohol as well very soon. Till then, you can use Uber Eats for ordering food only, and Drizly for alcohol.

These are all the delivery apps that we recommend you use to order the stuff you want to buy. All the above-mentioned apps work very nicely and promise you to deliver your stuff on time along with full safety. I hope the information given in this article will be helpful to you. Thank you for reading it. Have a great day!

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