Web Frameworks that You Should Use

A web framework is basically a kind of software that supports the development of web applications, including, web APIs, Web Resources, as well as web services. You can use a web framework to build and deploy various web applications on the web worldwide. A web framework is undoubtedly very useful, but it’s not an easy task to choose the best framework out of so many options. So which one should you use? We have listed some best frameworks that you should use.


ReactJS is basically a library instead of a framework that is developed and maintained by Facebook. It is written based on JavaScript. ReactJS was released in the year 2013, and it’s open-source. This means you can use it entirely for free. You can use it in single-page applications in order to optimize only required components. It’s even easy to use as it’s written using the component architecture. ReactJS is used by many companies, including Facebook, Airbnb, Netflix, Reddit, etc.


Angular is developed by Google. It was released in the year 2016. Well, this is a front-end web framework that is written based on TypeScript. It’s also open source. The Angular framework is suitable for large applications. It even supports two-way data binding which means all the data is synchronized between Model and View layers. Well, it’s quite difficult to use compared to VueJS or ReactJS and it’s not even suitable for small applications.


VueJS was launched in the year 2014, and this one is also open source. It’s a fantastic and very light framework, you can learn it very easily. The best thing about this framework is that it’s suitable for beginners as well as advanced users. Well, most of the things about the VueJS framework are great, but keep in mind that it’s not suitable for large projects. Besides this, if you compare its community with Angular or ReactJS, you will find that VueJS has a limited user community than the rest two.


The ExpressJS framework is written on nodejs. It provides you with a variety of features on mobile applications as well as web platforms. They include the ability to establish intermediate classes in order to return the HTTP requests, return HTML pages, and many. It even lets you use various actions based on URL and HTTP methods.


Laravel was released in the year 2011. It’s a back-end framework that is written based on PHP programming language. It’s also open source. If you are looking for a framework that can make coding easy, simple, as well as secure, then Laravel is going to be an excellent pick for you.

These are all the frameworks that we recommend you to learn in order to develop great webs and applications. That’s all for this article. I hope you liked the information given in the article. Thank you for reading it.

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